About Us

The team backing up howtoair.com comes to you with a set of helping hands to take care of your questions regarding HVACs, Furnaces, and so on. All of the contributors are passionate about helping the average user get past problems regarding ventilation, cooling, simple hacks on the hardware, and more.

Simply put, we want to be the platform where you, as a regular can find the help you need.

Our Motivation

There are two types of people:

There are those who reach for the telephone on the first sign of trouble. And then you have your enthusiasts, who separate themselves from the regulars by working the problem.

And that’s where the enthusiastic folks of howtoair.com come in. You see, we are not just content creators. We want to set ourselves from the crowd. We want to serve our expertise in the form of tailor-made content that’s going to help you with the heating and cooling element problems.

In short, if you have a problem with your furnace, your HVAC, or any other heating or cooling element, then our merry group of experts can help you out.

Of course, we cannot do it without your support. So, if you feel like we are worth it, then you may want to use our links to grab the gear you need.

But if you don’t feel like it, then remember, we will still be there to help you out.

Our Vision

For now, we are keeping our heads down to produce a rich experience for you on our platform. Soon, we will be launching our howtoair.com Youtube Channel and Pinterest board to help you out better.

We are open to collaboration with service providers, supply shops, and more. All of it is to help you, the average user, with the problem.

Your thoughts are more than welcome.

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