air conditioner fins crumbling

Why Do Air Conditioner Fins Crumbling? [2 Reasons ]

Struggling with your bedroom’s AC generating a sudden crumble out of nowhere? This might be a sign of damaged AC fins that are running out of time.

So, why does your air conditioner fins crumbling?

Well, as air conditioner fins are quite delicate, the bending issue always exists for causing trouble. It results in crumbling, falling apart, and wearing out the air conditioner. You might hear sudden noise produced at the inner AC unit. Also, lack of proper cleaning creates big havoc on it. 

All these reasons have some ways of fixing so that you never go through this again. I’ve included everything you need to know in order to solve this issue all by yourself.

Let’s cut straight to the chase!

Reasons Behind Air Conditioner Fins Crumbling

Once you face the crumbling issue of AC fins, there might be several reasons. Instantly, finding the reason is not an easy task at all. To diagnose it correctly, you might require checking each part of your AC.

Air Conditioner Fins Crumbling

However, you might find diagnosing a bit harder as a DIY task. We are sorting things out so that you can directly jump checking on those. So, let’s get going!

Reason 1: Bending Issue

As these AC fins are so delicate, bending is a common cause. Intentionally or unintentionally, you might see them bending while operating. Both of the AC types- condenser fins and evaporator fins show the same nature. 

Here are some evaporator fins that got bent while working.

While your AC fins catch bending issues, a major constraint in flowing air will be visible. As a result, you will witness a massive decrease in your AC’s efficiency. Even you might hear hissing or screeching noise.

Meanwhile, we often know how an AC generates cooled air, right? What it does is prevent reserving heat in the air conditioning system. 

And rather, a continuous airflow from the AC makes the whole environment based on your preference. However, catching trouble generating enough air to flow might force AC to work harder. 

As a result, you will be requiring more utility costs than in earlier times. And, the AC going to wear out is another common consequence of this issue. Interestingly, cases like your AC working at day but unable at night exist due to this.


It’s always a better way to go for prevention rather than cure. Preventing this bending issue comes as an initial alert before involving the fins. 

Let’s come to the solution. Straightening your outer AC bent fins is achievable within a few steps. So, what tasks do contain this procedure? Here are those:

Step 1: Disconnect Power

First of all, disconnecting the power to the AC is a must. As you are taking charge of the outside AC’s fins, make sure to detach the power.

Step 2: Detach Wire Grille

Then, removal of the access panel is required. Along with that, detach the wire grille so that the fins can be exposed.

detach the wire grille
Source: Hometips

Step 3: Screws Removal

Now, removal of the screws is necessary. Also, you need to lift out the grille along with the fan gently.

Step 4: Remove Cover Plate

In this step, take off the cover plate attaching to the front side of the evaporator coil.

Step 5: Match Tool with Head

Ensure you match the number of fins per inch with the head of the fin tool. There are many fin tool sets in the market. As a loyal user I would recommend using puxyblue FCR6 Fin Comb Tool Set.

However, Primeswift FCR6 Fin Comb Tool Set isn’t bad at all.

Step 6: Final Straightening

Now, let’s move on to the fins bottom line. Here, you have to insert the fin tool. And, try to move upwards. This action will straighten the fins.

Still, can’t you do this alone? You might hire an HVAC professional then. And, it can be the best alternative indeed. 

So, whenever you find this issue troubling, go ahead with that technician as soon as possible.

Reason 2: Lack of Cleaning

You already know these two types of AC fins are available. Meanwhile, whatever fin you are using asks users for regular cleaning. As dissipating heat is quite crucial here, it’s barely achievable without cleaning the fins.

Lack of Cleaning
Source: unionvilleheating

Repairing air conditioning things matches to get help from professionals. However, issues involving AC fins can be done easily with a DIY method.

So, keep monitoring regularly if the air conditioner fins deliver air to flow smoothly or not. If it seems to deliver less airflow than regular, then different things can happen. 

Maybe the fins have lost the actual efficiency. Or this part of the AC might get clogged. 


First, get the exterior and interior AC fins– both checked. It’s advisable to find if any debris, leaves, or dirt is in there or not. Professionals recommend checking this AC unit twice a year. 

Spring and fall are the best occasions to get things right. If you find any dirt, or debris after exploring, it’s better to utilize AC fin combs. The Boao store’s AC fin combs offer great value, which can be Check Price from Amazon.

Meanwhile, this tool is a tinier one coming with soft strands. And, a better way to maintain your air conditioner

As a result, you can clean the AC unit properly. Exterior and interior fins- both are applicable to clean through this small tool. 

You will find different types of rinsing cleaners coming quite effectively. Usually, the bottom parts come as the dirtiest area. If you can spray those parts about 2-3 inches deep, that will be enough.

In the meantime, you might find different reasons working as damaging factors like:

  • Gardening Tools
  • Surrounding Foliage
  • Pressure Washing
  • Summer Storms

Usually, these factors mainly produce mud, and hail twigs at the AC condenser. So, keep these reasons in your mind too. That’s how you can disallow the whole AC unit making noise after power outages

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are some of the common queries regarding your Air conditioner 

Why Does My Air Conditioner Generate Grinding Noise Suddenly?

Compressors inside ACs might come with a sudden grinding noise due to the inner pistons. These metals usually compress the refrigerant gas. While your compressor turns wearing out, scraping might take place. Instead of replacing the whole AC unit, it’s urgent to replace the compressor in this case. 

Can I Replace My Outside AC Unit?

Simply, no! If you try replacing the outside AC unit at home, it lacks completion of the process. You also have to replace the indoor unit there as per HVAC expert’s recommendations. Failure in replacing both units might cause diminishing efficiency, increasing cooling costs, and regular failures. 

Should I Replace My 10 Years Old Air Conditioner?

Yes, you should! The average durability of HVAC systems is 15-20 years. So, there are fewer years left to try it. However, it might cause efficiency trouble once the AC hits ten long years. Also, crumbling or grinding noise can be generated suddenly. It might spread Carbon Monoxide into your home. 

Final Words

Now you know everything behind the air conditioner fins crumbling! If you have come this far, facing this awkward event now is one step away from solving it! Hopefully, you can correctly diagnose the next time. 

Still, left anything to share? Keep us updated!

Happy DIY experience!

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