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5 Critical Beckett AquaSmart Problems & Solutions

You have purchased a Beckett AquaSmart and are using it. However, things quickly become complicated when you face problems. 

So what are the common Beckett AquaSmart problems?  

The most common Beckett aquasmart problem is sensor lockouts. Other than that, self-check errors, and control lockouts after boiler cleaning are also noteworthy. The heating system component might fail. You may face power outages or system failures. This might lead to frozen plumbing and water damage. 

Having such problems with your boiler is tiring. And we understand your plight.  So, we have come up with the solutions that you have been looking for. 

Now, without further ado, let’s move on to the following section.

5 Major Beckett AquaSmart Problems and Their Solutions 

Even the most expensive boilers show some sort of malfunction at any point in usage time. The same may be said with Beckett’s AquaSmart system.

Problem 1: Sensor Error

The sensor of the Beckett AquaSmart boiler can detect an internal error. This includes wet sensors, overly sensitive vibrations, faulty sensor wirings, etc.

Another reason can be the sensor is unable to communicate properly with your AquaSmart.


Now this problem will prevail until your AquaSmart detects a properly working sensor.

In most circumstances, the AquaSmart will be able to identify the sensor as intended. You need only be patient at this point.

Sensor Error

As soon as the sensor is identified, the AquaSmart returns to its normal state of operation.

And if the sensor still does not work properly, try getting an Aquasmart sensor replacement

Problem 2: Self Check

The check failure in AquaSmart is the next issue we will discuss. Self-check mechanism kicks in when there’s an internal failure.

For instance, it shows up on the screen whenever an internal check fails, such as the check-in B1 relay contacts. The problem stems from an operational flaw within the system itself.

This is another common problem for its users.


If an internal check fails, just press the ENTER (RESET) button. Holding it for five seconds will remove this condition from the device and reset it.

In most cases, the device starts operating smoothly after a reset.


On the other hand, there is a reason why this error may occur more than once. It suggests that there are problems with the control. If that’s the case, you probably know what to do.

Get an official Beckett Primary Control. That would be more than enough to solve this issue.

Problem 3: Cancel Error

If the boiler was fine and suddenly it just stopped, it might be a cancel error. So, what causes AquaSmart control stopped operation issue?

The problem occurred because you might have pressed the CANCEL (BACK) button for more than 5-6 seconds.

In most cases, customers experience this issue when using the device for the very first time. In the worst case, you might need to clear off a burner hard lockout.


If you have pressed the CANCEL (BACK) button for more than 5 seconds, leave it and it will do the rest.

As soon as you let off the button, the control will immediately resume its normal operation. 

Moreover, if the control fails to work once more, you might need to replace it.

Problem 4: The Low Water Problem

This happens when the AquaSmart sensor doesn’t sense water.

Maybe you used a 2-in-1 sensor and now it’s unable to sense water. This is called the Low Water Problem. Another frequent problem that users face.

AquaSmart sensor


This is due to the fact that water cannot be detected. It is possible that this occurs as a result of low water levels.

In most cases, the control will proceed after the detection of water.

If you are using LWCO then the delay in time needs to be expired.

Problem 5: “Freeze Res” Mode

You might see “Freeze Res” written on display. The AquaSmart goes to “Freeze Res” mode for these reasons; 

1. It might be locked out for 3 hours
2. The space has a continual call for heat for 3 hours or
3. The low limit function is continuously active for 3 hours. 


The freeze limit timer will automatically reset for different reasons.

For example, if there is no longer a need for heat to be provided. Also, if power is interrupted or the lockout condition is cleared. Or, when the high limit opens.

Turning off the thermostats for 10 seconds will allow you to reset the “Freeze Res” setting. Or you can turn off the power to the control for the same amount of time. Restore the power again. And the freeze resistance timer will disappear.  

Tips & Tricks on Beckett AquaSmart Operation

A malfunctioned AquaSmart has the risk of burning, exploding, electric shocks, and many risks. Hence, you should follow the instructions in your Beckett AquaSmart manual before using it. Also, follow the safety measures below:

  • Take the help of a skilled and competent specialist during the process of installation. Read the user manual properly before proceeding.
  • Make sure that the door is attached and closed before operating the AquaSmart control.
  • Check to see that the water doesn’t have an excessively high temperature. If not, it has the potential to cause explosions as well as burns.
  • Make sure you disconnect the power before wiring.
  • Disconnect all electric power supply before you are to replace the control.
  • Utilize the AquaSmart in the manner in which it was designed to be used. It shouldn’t be used in any other context.
  • Don’t try to run a malfunctioned system forcefully. It might cause burns and explosions.

We hope that some of these pointers may be helpful to you. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Do I Restart My Beckett AquaSmart?

It’s easy to turn off the Beckett AquaSmart. To reset the AquaSmart, tap and hold the ENTER (RESET) key for five seconds. It will get the job done. Don’t hold the key for too long, or the AquaSmart will lock. And if your control still shows an error, you will need to replace it.

How Can I Install the AquaSmart Correctly?

Go through the Control Checkout Procedure after you are done installing. Make sure that the control configuration is as required. Learn about the steps of installation from the AquaSmart Installation and Operation Manual. But it is advisable to find help from a trained professional.

Does “Freeze Res” Mode Lockout the Burner?

No, “Freeze Res” mode does not lock out the burner. If the AquaSmart has been in lockout mode for three hours, the technician will be alerted. This also happens if a continuous call for heat has been made for 3 hours. There is no need to worry about the control failing or being defective.


Some common Beckett AquaSmart Problems can be solved with simple steps.

If your AquaSmart is severely damaged, you might need to replace it.

Always find out the problems before proceeding. Don’t try “fix it” without knowing what is really wrong with your device.

Have a good day.

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