is 700 microns a good vacuum

Is 700 microns a good vacuum – Find Out Now!

Seems like you are looking to measure perfect vacuum pressure. In this quest, your micron gauge is giving you a reading of 700 microns. 

Worry not since your gauge is giving you good numbers. But maybe you still think if 700 microns is a good vacuum or not?
Yes, 700 microns is a good vacuum. Because considering the budget it’ll be a good option. Plus, it allows the pump to stay dry and so this is comparatively durable. However, you can also look at the two scenarios with 500 and 1200-micron levels.

To break it down, we have crafted the details in rest of this content.

Why Is 700 Microns a Good Vacuum?

A 700-micron level is considered good because but perhaps not the best. Micron level can reach 500 at its lowest. This is a figure that is most acceptable.

A vacuum with 700 microns performs better than that of 1000 microns. The efficiency of the vacuum depends on the acceptable micron rise.  

Here are the reasons in detail-

Reason 1: Budget-Friendly

With a high-end evacuation system, you may reduce the micron level to 10 or perhaps 5. However, in the process, your pulling system needs to have a lot of wires and gadgets.

The micron level is usually reduced with an evacuation system. Evacuation kits are generally expensive.

So, in order to avoid the heightened cost, you can use a cost-friendly system.

In this context, you can reduce the micron level up to 700. This will be good for you. Your vacuum pump will work efficiently.

Reason 2: Dry System

Have a look at the vacuum micron chart

vacuum micron chart

As you can see in the chart, a low micron level is keeping the vacuum nice and dry. 

Anything over this micron level is not good. You will see your vacuum being wet. A wet surface would absorb too much moisture.

Too much moisture means the vacuum pipes absorb more dirt. If this happens, the micron level would start to rise.

A micron level can go overboard, let’s say 2000 or 3000. With this level, you will experience a leak in the system.

Reason 3: More Durability

If the vacuum stays dry with no moisture, it will perform at its best. This means working with a vacuum is more convenient. 

Keeping convenience aside, the vacuum would be more durable. The product would last long. This will save you a lot of money.

Also, it will gather moisture due to humidity. This means you have to spend extra on maintenance.

On top of that, at some point, the vacuum may stop working fully.

Buying a new one can be expensive, you don’t want that.

Alternatives to 700-Micron Level

Although a 700-micron level is suggested, you can reduce the micron level even further. Or perhaps you may want to keep it higher.

Factors like cost, maintenance, durability, and so on can be considered. But for a model that uses 410a refrigerant, you may want to reduce more. 

This is because the product may absorb moisture and dirt more easily. On the other hand, some other products may not work with the 700-micron levels. You want to keep it to 1200. 

Anyways, let’s check out a good 700-micron vacuum alternative-

Alternative : 500-Micron Level

A 500-micron level is ensuring a better look for the pump. It is perhaps a little better than 700 microns. The pump reaches its efficiency peak at 500.

It is also keeping the pipe very dry. A dry pipe should be used more often. Maintenance is more important here.

For general use, 500 microns is very sufficient. But for more intense use, you would want a different brand.

For intense use, you would need certain hoses and such. These hoses may not work with a lower micron level. By now you should get the answer to the question: is 500 microns a good vacuum?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why can’t I use hoses with smaller diameters?

You can’t use hoses with smaller diameters because they aren’t good at capturing the air pressure. If the function of the pump is too intense, you need larger hoses. Otherwise, you may break the setup of the pump. 

What are the drawbacks of a wet surface?

There are different drawbacks to a wet surface. A wet surface would absorb moisture easily. If you are living in humid areas, this is not good. Having more moisture on the surface will add more dirt. Cleaning the dirt from time to time is usually very painful.

What is the right evacuation time?

Usually, it takes around ten to fifteen minutes to complete a full evacuation. This also depends on the type of gadgets you are using. The best performing system is evacuating within fifteen minutes. 


So, we hope your question Is 700 microns a good vacuum is answered now.

We think you are able to figure out the direction to go with your pump. Think carefully before choosing the micron levels for your vacuum.

Wishing you all the best with your refrigeration system installment!

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